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March 13 2015

Santa Clarita Rotary Club Veteran's Project - Showing Our Fallen Heroes and Families That We Care

Santa Clarita Moving

My Rotary Club, situated in Santa Clarita, California, does great are employed in our community. Recently they honored the 8 young men that have given their lives for your country during the past 3 years. Watching the moving ceremony and dedication made me think about how fortunate I'm to be a point about this caring community, as well as a part of the Rotary Club.

We always allow our guests to talk, and achieving former military is fairly an honor. Among the speakers was a former part of the United States Air Force, and the man described our community as an island. This brought some laughter, because Santa Clarita is situated in the midst of the desert. He went on to explain that what he meant was that we were unlike other towns and cities in California because we're so focused on the groups of these fallen heroes, and with enhancing the teenagers and ladies that are coming back from their time overseas inside the military.

Furthermore, i learned that we are one of the only states inside Usa that doesn't give you a license plate to honor our soldiers. That would be a great thing as we could purchase that to start out a fund to assist these brave warriors and their families. Santa Clarita Moving

Our Rotary Club has a garden where we've got marble tiles with all the names of those that have died serving their country. A great honor and it's important for us to remember that these folks have made the ultimate sacrifice to uphold the we all share.

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